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Полное название продукта:


Производитель: Tyco

Краткое описание:
Professional Services to produce an existing system Audit Report, BIRS, Usually done on an existing C-CURE 800/8000 in the attempt to prepare and/or correct issues pre-migration to a C-CURE 9000. Harvester Engine is not sold to customer; engine is used to produce the Audit Report of the customer database. The customer supplies the Professional Services Engineer a backup, the backup is loaded on a separate server (no impact to the running system), the data is harvested and a report is written and supply. Optional: onsite professional service (PROSERV-AA-BIRS). Optional: handover for reporting tool to user, (PROSERV-BIRS)
Product is supported on:
C•CURE 800/8000 versions: V8.x, V9.x and V10.x, Server (32 Bit only) and C•CURE 9000 versions: V2.x (32 and 64 Bit)